Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Mirians Drive on the Right Lane.

Yes. You read that correctly. Mirians like driving on the right side of the road, because they think they are Americans..

Majority of them also drive like this.

They're all expert drivers, don't need to keep eyes on the road.

They also go 25km/h in the 90km/h zone. Because they're the expert.

Actual video footage of cars driving on roads in Miri

Didn't help that our roads are bumpy. I mean, the ones in town are OK - if not sandy and littered with trash... but the connecting roads to Brunei are a terrible roller coaster ride. And one may argue that the town is what's important, but then again, the first thing the Bruneians experience is hitting the roof of their car multiple times, then that's the image Miri got them. Bruneians are tourists too, you know.

In summary, Mirians don't know how to drive. They blow past stop signs and don't know how to read road lines, and it actually gets worse over time as these drivers then teach new drivers the incorrect methods.

I blame the driving instructors. And don't forget the "Kopi-O" license schools too.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Visit Miri!!!! 2018!!!!! PLEEEASE!!!!!

Miri's tourist attractions

Picture of taxpayer's totally normal cushy seating park bench.
2018 is visit Miri !! Yay!!!

Attractions (as quoted):

1. Grand Old Lady and Petroleum Museum - substandard touch up on our important landmark and the museum is closed until further notice.”
2. Miri City Fan Park - “Missing tiles everywhere, paints peeling off from the walls, exposing nails and wires at the bench, water fountain is not working and landscaping is substandard
3. Miri Cultural and Heritage Museum - “Promised to be opened in last September in the historical Residence House but to date, no renovation is done. The place is left with rubbish inside and outside the building.
4. Miri Marina Central Park - “RM5million taxpayer was reported spent on the park. Construction seems to have stopped but the park is half finished. Facilities are not functioning.
5. Bulatan Park - “The clock on the tower is forever not functioning. Drainage is very bad with water pooling on the walking path, park, children playground. Missing rubbish bin etc”
6. Miri Public Park - “Children playground is broken for many months, the hanging bridge towers in need for a repaint. The shower facility at the water playground is broken. The children facility in the water playground is mouldy”
7. Tanjong Lobang Park - “The oldest recreational park in Miri is in very bad condition. Rust and sharp edges found on children playground. Having a warning band is not enough, it should be fixed or removed altogether. The huts have damaged rooftops and the walkway is mudfilled making it impossible to walk without getting dirty.”

Senadin residents have reflected there is a lack of running park and they have to resort to running in the housing areas at risk of knocking down by cars or bitten by dogs.

And many, many more!!

Click here to tell the Miri mayor (and all the previous mayors) what a marvelous job he is doing!!
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