Friday, 24 April 2015

Not Smoking? 6% GST + 5% Service Charge

Found near a hotel restaurant...

Don't worry though, we're all fuming already. Definitely lots of smoking heads....

Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Short Article on Bintang Megablaze

Picture of Bintang Megablaze

Picture of Bintang Megablaze grand main entrance.

Megablaze has everything from :

Major BBQ events, CHECK!

Major water features, CHECK!
Ghostly mysterious suicides, CHECK! Link

Haunted funhouse that is linked to ghostly mysterious suicides, CHECK! Link
....because the site it was built was on a sacred mass-grave! CHECK!  Link

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you George Takei commenting on the above discoveries..

If that isn't enough, there are booby-trapped explosive floors!! CHECK!

 Crammed full with events such as the above......

...that threatens to make the place go like the above....

And there's more! Adventure is in there! 

Took the term "Spot Welding" literally

You wonder when it will just fail with all those people pressing on
the rails overlooking the floor below especially during events....

- Poorly welded railings on the higher floors overlooking over the the ground floor! Whenever there's an event on the lowest floor, crowds of people hang over those railings! Hey you down there, look out above for falling railings/humans! Isn't that exciting??

- Genius parking design! Where the cars going up and cars going down all fuse into one lane? So now they have to have a security guard to act as a full time traffic director. What a genius design!

- The hotel (which is the one that supposedly sits on the mass grave, by the way) lobby that has decor of a Red Light District club? And one with an entrance to the mall that goes straight to the shoe department, genius!

- A fountain that, when the wind is right sprays water all over the front entrance car park and people walking by.

- Closes and redirects public roads whenever they feel like it. Not that it matters because the location itself already causes jams and disruption. To be fair, some of these are drivers' faults, who for whatever unfathomable reason, likes visiting poorly-designed, poor-constructed, rickety, haunted, safety-certification-failed malls.

Disclaimer: I have no problem with the business and retailers within Bintang Megablaze. They are great and if it weren't for the place they make great shopping experiences. It just sucks that these retailers happen to be located in Bintang Megablaze.  I feel sorry for all of you. I really do.
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