Monday, 23 June 2014

JKR Transformed! Public-friendly! Efficient! Insert Keyword Here!

Apparently, in today's really special news, "sectional" transformation of the Public Works Department (JKR) of Sarawak has made it more public-friendly.

 "Assistant Minister of Early Childhood Education and Family Development Rosey Yunus said the transformation had helped the people solve infrastructural issues in their areas. “To me, the acronym JKR stands for Service Network for the People. No doubt, the department all this while has helped us a lot in dealing directly with our basic infrastructure needs,” she Assistingly Ministered when officiating at JKR Northern Region’s Jalinan Mesra Dinner at Dynasty Hotel on Sunday."

 J.K.R. is the acronym of Service Network for the People. Errr, do we really understand what acronym is? Or was that acronumb? I thought I read acronym.

"The transformation would enable the people to directly refer their complaints or problems to the department’s Water or Road sections."

Holy Fighting Transformers! What a wonderful transformation that is! Direct referral of complaints or problems to departments, instead of indirect! Who'd would have thought of THAT? GENIUS. HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND AND A ROUND OF GOLF EVERYBODEE!

Booya! Genius solution! Who'd have thunk it!

"Miri Divisional Engineer Goh Soon Bon in an earlier address said the department’s transformation programme known as ‘JKR New Face’ was implemented after three years’ study to increase the professionalism, effectiveness and efficient cost standard in the state JKR."

Studying the increase is great. But what about looking at the decrease, inefficiency, and unprofessionalism instead?

"Under this programme, the state department set up its regional office at three main zones: northern, middle and southern. These three zones would supervise and manage more than RM500,00 worth of federal and state government development projects. The department’s divisional office would be taking care of government assets and manage projects below RM500,000."

OK, so "500,00" does not correspond to a correct use of commas in a number, unless we are following some European system, in which case, that figure would be just RM500. But - we'd let it slide.. it's a Borneo Post news story, after all. But seriously, what an idea. Miri is like, one big place. So, you divide it into three sections, and GOLLY GEE WHIZ IT'S EASIER TO MANAGE. You'd have to wonder, why didn't ANYONE think about it the past 10 years or so Miri became a city.


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