Thursday, 27 February 2014

Miri to be more confusing with a new place called "Marina Parkcity"

Awesome new place called Marina ParkCity. Except it's called Arcadia Square. Or something. It's not near the Marina, not a park, but it is near a city. In Malaysia, getting 1/3 correct qualifies getting it right. It looks awesome now in the rendering, but once completed will probably look nothing like it. Certainly there won't be so many sports cars or Bentleys.

Yay, more big projects for places with similar sounding names!

The Marina Parkcity project when completed will bring Miri City to a higher level, making the city more confusing to both locals and foreigners who will confuse it with Parkcity Everly Hotel or the Marina Bay.

With a name like Marina Parkcity, the project site is bound to give more confusion to people who call up each other to meet at locations with the name "Marina" and "Parkcity". Cue the following conversations:

A: "Hello! Meet me at Parkcity"
B: "OK No prob, dude!"
*B drives to Parkcity Everly*
B: "Hey, where are you I don't see you!"
A: "Parkcity! I don't see you either!"
B: "I am at Parkcity! Waiting at the front"
A: "I AM at the front."
B: "Parkcity Everly?"
A: "I am at MARINA parkcity"
*A drives to the Marina Bay*
A: "OK I'm here. Where are you?"

Phone conversation continues for another 15 minutes until realization etc.

Sound familiar to you? Because it's the same deal with places with the names "Boulevard",  "Imperial", "Palace", "Marina", "Permaisuri". In the case with "Boulevard", last I counted, Miri has about 1,245,322,675,757.33 places with that name, ranging from small outlets to departmental stores to commercial centres to cold storage to restaurant!

(Incidentally, the places with the name Boulevard in Miri doesn't actually mean what the word "boulevard" supposed to mean. Don't understand? Look it up in Wikipedia.)
So, anyway, its first phase has been completed and the project is entering its second phase. Which have both already has been sold out. Because you know, Mirians are rich - they have oil wells sticking out of their backyards, remember?

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  1. Jalan Kuching doesn't lead to Kuching either :/

    ParkCity is a stupid name. "ParkCity Beverly Hotel" is a mouthful.... and I'm not sure why there needs to be a Capital C when it's one word.

  2. Oh wait, it's ParkCity Everly...... not to be confused with Park City *B*everly in Bintulu. That just proves your point of stupid names in Miri (& probably the whole of Sarawak).


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