Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Rumored Cracks on Bintang Megamall Spreading About

On 15th January, 2014, while surfing on FaceBook:


A Little Fact : They have had cracking problems for ages. Just never loud ones....

A Little Fact #2 : Their construction quality has always bugged me. Their stairways rail fell down once when I merely touched it.

I am staying at least 500M radius away from that area the next time I commute near it.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bruneian Attacked, Mirians Say "LALALALA Didn't See Anything, Not my Business"

Typical Malaysians?
What's up everyone, Happy New Year! How's the year 1914?

Just came back from my home planet and immediately we get some crime news:

  A man from neighboring Brunei crossed the border to Miri afternoon and parked his car at eMart and went to a money changer to change some sweet, sweet favorable RM B$ currency.

E-Mort, one of the shitiest areas in Miri.
 Of course, as luck would have it - or should we say an unnaturally high percent chance - this being Miri eMart area we're talking about - upon coming out, he sees three men trying to force open his car.

 So, he did what anyone would do - he shouted and confronted the men. This turned into a scuffle, and one of the criminal brandished his knife and slashed him on the hands. In the news report from BruDirect - the people around him are either oblivious to it or simply did not care to assist him, call the police, or provide some medical help. Okay, so medical help is expecting too much, since many Malaysians in general don't know Jack Schitt about first aid anyway, and any attempts will probably make it worse.


So anyway, defense successful (or unsuccessful - depending on how you interpret), bloods gushing from both cut wounds on his arms and windows of his vehicle smashed, the victim somehow managed to drive back across the border where he received immediate medical attention at the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital in Kuala Belait.

His real mistake? He went to e-Mart - a place where even this Mirian avoids like the plague.

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