Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Twin Otter Tries Offroading in Bario

Planes are zero-wheel drive. Sorry no off road please! The Twin Otter is embarrassed.

Bario, Miri: A Maswings DHC6 (Twin Otter) on Nov 27th 2013, at Bario went off the runway and got stuck in soft ground during the end of the landing run on its way back to the terminal.

Maswings flight MH-3434 with the registration 9M-MDK flying from Miri to Bario with had landed safely on Bario's runway, taxied to the end of the runway to turn around back to the terminal when the right wheel went off the runway causing the aircraft to get stuck in soft ground.

Rare video footage of what went on during the landing:

"I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you"

Having gotten totally stuck, the passengers disembarked onto the runway, there were no injuries and no damage to the aircraft. It is not known if the pilots asked the passengers to push the stuck planes out or not..

The aircraft was eventually moved, examined and released to make the return flight MH-3435 to Miri with a delay of nearly 6 hours. Again, not sure if it is indeed the pilot asked the passengers to push it out that way.

^ Borneo Post reported that the plane has "somehow" became stuck when it turned towards the terminal. Because nobody could ever figure out how planes get stuck in soft ground. Ever. Because Borneo Post.

When interviewed, the Twin Otter said that it would never try offroading again. When asked whether if its name is Otter and where is its twin, the Twin Otter merely kept quiet and flew off into the sunset.


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