Friday, 8 November 2013

Terrifying Mystery Sea Creature Found Off Coast of Miri

A mystery fish about a foot long with 'terrifying tusk-like spikes' at the front near the mouth and spines along its body has been caught off the coast of Miri. It has a flat bottom, sort of like a bottom feeder.
The star of this news is Sapar Mansor, 43, from Taman Ceria, Permyjaya. He is the one who fished the strange creature out of the sea. Sapar said he and a friend went out in a fishing boat and travelled hours to the sea early in the morning for fish using fishing rods.

Among the catch is this scaly spiky tusky creature that he'd never seen before which he then brought it home to show his wife, who has decided to put it on her plate, who's probably thinking about lunch.

Yum yum?
Well eventually they decided that it was not to be eaten and they decided to dry it, preserve it and garnish it with chopped onions and... err, no.

The fish has armor-like sharp spines on the top and bottom of its body, which gets progressively smaller towards the tail.
The Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation Division of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is struggling to identify the creature. Oswald Braken Tisen, the deputy general manager, said: 'SFC has not been able to established what kind of fish it is but is in the process of checking with relevant authorities.'

But we all know what that is...

That explains it once and for all.


National Geographic identified the species with ease. According to the article it is the "spotted armour gurnard (Satyrichthys rieffeli)", sometimes called a type of "searobin".

"Holy Sea-Urchin, Sea-Batman!"

"To the Sea-BatMobile, SeaRobin!"

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