Saturday, 30 November 2013

Deliberate Oil Dumping in Senadin Will Start a Zombie Apocalypse

Photos from Malaysian Nature Society Miri Facebook Page

miscreant dumped a barrel of what seemed to be oil or tar near the Golden Royal Villa housing area in Senadin. After the discovery on 17th November 2013, a report was made to the Department of Environment (DOE) or Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS).

Photos from Malaysian Nature Society Miri Facebook Page

  The DOE (JAS) responded quickly to the situation by cordoning off the area by the next day (November 18th), sternly warning the dumped oil not to move around and to stay confined within the taped area.

   It is not known who is the culprit that is unhappy with the grass being green in colour and wanted to change it to black. Because oil on to the ground would seep deep into the ground, this is Bad. Why is that Bad? Well, we spent so much money and time trying to get crude oil from under ground to the surface by the use of oil well, only to send it back underground again - well that's just plain stupid.

  Also, more importantly would be that thing about how that oil will contaminate with underground water. As we all know life needs water, specifically, PLANTS:
Here is a picture of a plant. We're certain because it says "Plants" at the bottom.

 By polluting the underground water the plants will die or grow awry.. When that happens......


No plants are going to push back a zombie invasion. We will all die in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Similar discoveries such as pollution or deliberate toxic waste dumping should be made to .  If we don't do it for green coloured grass, do it for zombie apocalypse prevention.

Malaysian Nature Society Miri Facebook Page  -

Incie Wincie SpiderMan Discovered Up a Waterspout

Spiderman at Waterspout Pipe. Photo from Borneo Post
The Miri Fire Station received a call regarding a suicide attempt spiderman attempt near Permyjaya at a training institute. The firemen arrived to see a teenager, a hospitality student, standing at the edge of his hostel window since 7am.

The firemen failed to coax the spiderman to get back into the building. Then the spiderman, for whatever reason, did a Spider Jump and hung on to the waterspout piping on the building. Apparently, he got stuck there, and then the firemen used the ladder to bring him down.

Miri deputy police chief Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit when met during a press conference yesterday said, “The case is being investigated as suicide attempt."

But, it's NOT a suicide attempt is it? Because, with suicide attempts, people jump DOWN, not UP and then hang off pipes.

According to Borneo Post, the police had detained the student to help facilitate their investigation. Wow, what a nice thing to do for a person who had just attempted suicide. You DETAIN him, I'm sure that'll make him feel better and not reattempt suicide.

And according to The Star Online news :
“Throughout the communicating process, we took other counter measures like trying to set up a makeshift safety net below just in case.”

And this is the "safety net" they were talking about :
Yes, a mattress. On top of the angled concrete like that, not going to help much is it?

Incie Wincie Spiderman,
climbed up the building ledge,
then came the firemen,
get down safely-they pledged,

Incie Wincie Spiderman,
then jumped up the waterspout,
and then all the firemen
they all rescued him-  no doubt.

Read the two wildly different accounts:

Borneo Post:

The Star :

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Twin Otter Tries Offroading in Bario

Planes are zero-wheel drive. Sorry no off road please! The Twin Otter is embarrassed.

Bario, Miri: A Maswings DHC6 (Twin Otter) on Nov 27th 2013, at Bario went off the runway and got stuck in soft ground during the end of the landing run on its way back to the terminal.

Maswings flight MH-3434 with the registration 9M-MDK flying from Miri to Bario with had landed safely on Bario's runway, taxied to the end of the runway to turn around back to the terminal when the right wheel went off the runway causing the aircraft to get stuck in soft ground.

Rare video footage of what went on during the landing:

"I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you"

Having gotten totally stuck, the passengers disembarked onto the runway, there were no injuries and no damage to the aircraft. It is not known if the pilots asked the passengers to push the stuck planes out or not..

The aircraft was eventually moved, examined and released to make the return flight MH-3435 to Miri with a delay of nearly 6 hours. Again, not sure if it is indeed the pilot asked the passengers to push it out that way.

^ Borneo Post reported that the plane has "somehow" became stuck when it turned towards the terminal. Because nobody could ever figure out how planes get stuck in soft ground. Ever. Because Borneo Post.

When interviewed, the Twin Otter said that it would never try offroading again. When asked whether if its name is Otter and where is its twin, the Twin Otter merely kept quiet and flew off into the sunset.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

The 90km/h Corner

One day, discovered near the airport............

Friday, 8 November 2013

Terrifying Mystery Sea Creature Found Off Coast of Miri

A mystery fish about a foot long with 'terrifying tusk-like spikes' at the front near the mouth and spines along its body has been caught off the coast of Miri. It has a flat bottom, sort of like a bottom feeder.
The star of this news is Sapar Mansor, 43, from Taman Ceria, Permyjaya. He is the one who fished the strange creature out of the sea. Sapar said he and a friend went out in a fishing boat and travelled hours to the sea early in the morning for fish using fishing rods.

Among the catch is this scaly spiky tusky creature that he'd never seen before which he then brought it home to show his wife, who has decided to put it on her plate, who's probably thinking about lunch.

Yum yum?
Well eventually they decided that it was not to be eaten and they decided to dry it, preserve it and garnish it with chopped onions and... err, no.

The fish has armor-like sharp spines on the top and bottom of its body, which gets progressively smaller towards the tail.
The Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation Division of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is struggling to identify the creature. Oswald Braken Tisen, the deputy general manager, said: 'SFC has not been able to established what kind of fish it is but is in the process of checking with relevant authorities.'

But we all know what that is...

That explains it once and for all.


National Geographic identified the species with ease. According to the article it is the "spotted armour gurnard (Satyrichthys rieffeli)", sometimes called a type of "searobin".

"Holy Sea-Urchin, Sea-Batman!"

"To the Sea-BatMobile, SeaRobin!"

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