Monday, 7 October 2013

Malindo Air Kills Miri-KL Flights After Inaugurating Miri-KL Flights

A typical Malindo Air Inauguration

Malindo Air will screw with all its KL-Miri customers next month by suspending their flights by next November. This news came immediately after Malindo Air announced that it will woo customers with its Miri - KL flights that started June 14th 2013.

No reason is given about this what they described as an "indefinite suspension", but it has been thought that probably either general incompetence or lack of foresight.

Malindo Air had also suspended its KL - Tawau flights, months after they inaugurated its KL-Tawau flights on June 26th.

Those who had already booked and paid for tickets for these two flights are advised to run in circles and panic and say good bye to their hard-earned money. Or to contact Malindo Air sales office, which means that probably nobody will pick up the phones there.

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