Thursday, 29 August 2013

Public Complaints About Bad Shape of Miri Stadium

It seems that the public are complaining about outdoor stadium. Specifically, its shape. I mean, an oval shape is just embarassing. Why not octagonal? Or hendecagonal or dodecagonal shaped? Oval shape is so last century. And because oval is actually a large 'zero' then the stadium is a zero. No other way about it.

Well, besides its shape, the facilities within were not maintained well. So this raises the question of whether Miri City lives up to is image or not, when it can't even maintain the stadium properly. For example, the running track, which was supposed to be red, is now gray, cracking and probably very yucky.

Piasau assemblyman Alan Ling Sie Kiong visited the stadium discovered problems with the design of the stadium itself (and I don't mean just its shape), which is flawed as the gate was right by the long jump, so anyone attempting a long jump will become a short jump because if there are people going trough the gate at the same time they will collide.

“The neglect and poor design of the stadium does not reflect Miri’s commitment to sports and it being selected as one of the country’s sports research centre,” he said.

And shape. Oval shaped is just so last century.

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