Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Storms Sprouts Watersprout; Villagers Pout

This is a bit of a late, news, but - get this, there's a waterspout in Miri, which sprouted nearby a Baram riverside village, about 9.30am on the 16th of July 2013.

According to eyewitness reports, the skies grew dark, then came the rain and sudden winds, then the all of a sudden the clouds swirl menacingly and danced around in the sky as a storm brewed up, and like something out of a movie, the water started rising upwards to form a tornado of the seas - a watersprout! And then all hell broke loose.

This is not a watersprout

The winds and resulting waterspout reached land and was so strong that it tore up a nearby local mill's zinc roof structure and sent various parts flying around the skies for a nice bird's eye view of the Baram river delta before coming back onto the ground, albeit in a slightly different shape. 

Mill employee and eye witness Azman said that during the time of the incident, he and his colleagues were working when the skies grew dark and he heard a clap of thunder. He looked out and saw the watersprout incoming at intense speed. Obviously by then he immediately took refuge like any sane person would.

Just as quickly as it had come, the waterspout dispersed. Because waterspouts can't exist on land. They turn into bean sprouts when they hit land, and make a very crunchy treat in Laksa. Yes, I'm pretty sure I have my facts right about that one.

The resulting storm and winds also blew away several stalls nearby and wrecked havoc on several people who were setting up ther stalls nearby early. Two women and a man had to be hospitalized for it.

Apparently the river / port authorities have not issued a storm or waterspout warning.

Waterspouts have occured offshores in Miri before and there have been plenty of reports and photos taken in the previous years, and the locals have a tendency to call it a tornado or twister. I can understand tornado, but I can't understand how the water would play Twister. I suspect it would cheat and just slop all over the Twister Mat.

 But anyways this recent one was the first that I at least, have heard that reached land and caused destruction and injuries. We can all blame the climate change all we like, but personally I just think Poseidon sneezed. The clap of thunder just before the whole ordeal just reinforces this.
This is a waterspout

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