Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fish Nuking a Favorite Past Time for Under-Bridge Dwelling Foreigners

What we don't want to happen.
(Hey Comic Sans is totally appropriate in here for anyone who thinks nuking fish is a good idea)
 Suluk and Bajau fisherman that were squatting at under various bridges and several villages in Miri were said to be bombing fishies to net their catch in Miri recently. Fish nuking is a popular past time for these guys, because it involves things that blow up and fishes. These fish-nukers are believed to have come from Sabah, and residing under various bridges in Miri. The bombs are usually DIY devices made with petrol, fertilizer filled in glass bottles.

Our own local fisherman - who do things the proper way and are not prone to taking shortcuts - which in fishing I imagine to be just sitting at a pier staring into emptiness and falling asleep biting on a piece of straw with a fishing rod - are frustrated because they claimed these people used fish-nuking strategies that kills fish instantly and nets instant catch, and the appropriate government agencies or departments for these matters are seemingly not doing diddly squat.
The locals have urged the government agencies to act on these activities as fish nuking destroys marine life and more importantly, they rob the local fisherman of their catch because all the fish would be deaf when they caught them.

Accordig to Kambr, a local fisherman, “We are frustrated because these foreigners are catching fish here openly and yet agencies such as the Maritime Agency are not doing anything. In fact, sometimes the agency stopped local fishing boats and check their licences, but they seemed to keep their eyes closed on foreign fishing boats.
Well the Maritime Agency better do something. Mostly because this is the first time I've ever heard of them, but also fish nuking is bad. Because it makes fish deaf. We don't want to eat deaf fish now, do we? How awful a thought. Oh yes, there's also that minor detail about glass shards left in the flesh of fish, since the bombs are usually stuffed into glass bottles.

Also, what the heck are foreigners doing here and why are they here?

Local environmentalist Susan Foster, said it best: Anyone found in possession of a bullet would face a death penalty (editor's note: WHAT? What kind of a stupid law is that?) but nothing is being done to these foreign fishermen doing fish bombing, because bombs are definitely more deadly than a bullet, and all it takes is just one stray thought like, "hmmm I can use these bombs to blow up things other than fishies" and we will all have entered a whole new era of neighborhood safety awareness program. You know, the ones that involve lots of bomb detection dogs, lots of patting down body searching, patrolling, x-ray security clearance for just entering any building.

Deaf fishies are not funny matter. Say no to deaf fishies. Say no to Fish Nuking/ Fish Blasting/Fish Bombing/whatever. Say no to glass-shard-filled seafood in your dinner. Unless of course, these guys are totally incompetent and they blow themselves up, erasing themselves from existence, in which case it would be appropriate, and we shall give them the Darwin's Award.

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