Sunday, 14 July 2013

BN Leaders Admit Miri Hospital Woefully Inadequte

A Barisan Nasional leader thumped his chests to show who is the leader around here and made mention of the fact that the Miri hospital is woefully inadequate and must be upgraded, something which most Mirians already realize.

Because somebody has forgotten that the population is increasing but did not put any effort into upgrading the existing facilities. I know, I know, blame Ultraman for that one.

You see, the Miri Hospital not only has to deal with the 350,000 people in Miri, but also they have to accomodate for the people in Bintulu, Baram, Limbang, Lawas, Bario, and all those smaller villages and longhouses from inland etc. etc. etc.
Because the hospital does not have the full range of specialist facilities to cater to more complex cases, many treatments still required going to Kuching Sarawak General Hospital. Can you imagine that if you're in Limbang, and are dying, and having gotten to Limbang hospital and being told you need to get onto an ambulance to be driven all the way through Brunei, have your passport stamped as you leave Sarawak (if you remembered to bring it) and stamped again as entered back into Miri, Sarawak, to Miri Hospital, and then being told that you have to be driven through Bintulu, Sibu, Serian and finally to Kuching for that?

By that time you'd look like this:

Assistant Communications Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin assistingly communicated, "The need to upgrade Miri Hospital into another regional hospital as sophisticated and well-equipped as Sarawak General Hos-pital is urgent." "The ministry must understand that Sarawak is as big as Peninsular Malaysia."
Sure, because obviously someone failed to understand that Sarawak is as big as the whole of a Peninsula Malaysia. Because someone failed their Geography 101 in school.

That would make it justifiable for Sarawak to have two regional hospitals, one in Kuching and one in Miri. Which is how it should've been since 20 years ago.

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