Friday, 21 June 2013

Schoolgirl Fights Snatch Thieves; Snatch Thieves Lose

You go, girl!
So, it was a nice sunny day, well except for the haze, and except there is no sun, and it wasn't really that nice. A schoolgirl named Then was walking along going to school when, suddenly, she spots one of her schoolmate in trouble! Sensing something amiss, when she saw that the two guys were clutching her uniform, and probably brandishing knives at her, she immediately went to help.

Oh, did I mention that she is a black belt in Taekwando?

What transpired wasn't clear, but we can imagine it something like an indian action movie;

She ran up to the two bad guys, who were trying to scare off her with a knife, but in slow motion, she dodges the bad guys and proceeded to flying kick one of them straight into the drain. That guy must be regretting his existence right there and then.

As Borneo Post put it, "The other man aimed a punch at Then but her six years of training in the Korean martial art taught her to duck."

Wait- it takes six years to learn how to duck?  Oh Borneo Post, we love your funny English.

In following the Indian action movie theme, maybe when they were on the motorcycle when she kicked and the motorcycle flew tumbling 360° 30 feet into the air, and explode on contact with the ground.

Which is how I would write the story.  But too bad that didn't happen - the two fled on their motorcycle.

Naturally, a police report on the incident has been lodged. But what good does that do? It's after the fact. It would've been a better story if the police had already caught them already. Police, you're just not very good. Unlike Taekwando Black Belt Girl Then here, who should be receiving Noble Peace Prize of some sort.

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