Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sarawak (Non)Energy Apologizes to Sarawakians

Sarawak Energy Berhad (temporarily renamed to Sarawak Non-Energy Berhad on the evening of June 27th) CEO apologizes to all Sarawakians due to the state-wide blackout fiasco. Here is his apology letter which I found on - yeah, Borneo Post again (seriously I need to get my sources from better news sites.)

"Dear Sarawak Energy Customers throughout the State of Sarawak,
Our full team is still working on recovery throughout the State, but we have experienced some unexpected problems to recover the State Power System.
Firstly, the incident started at 17.36 hrs on Thursday (27 June) with a very serious frequency drop in our system that led to a total system failure. The reasons are still not fully known, but with the facts retrievable as of now, looks like the frequency drop may have originated from the Bakun Hydroelectric plant. The system tripping led to a total failure of our system and all our power stations were down, Sejingkat in Kuching, Batang Ai, Mukah coal plant, as well as Bintulu and Miri gas plants."

  Oh, so it was caused by our proud Bakun dam. Damn.

"We have on our side, over the first couple of hours after the system tripped, restored all SEB transmission systems, We are in the process of restoring all of the power plants, but unfortunately we are only able to get power from 2 of the 4 Bakun units after 22.00 hrs.
The system is still very unstable due to the huge impact, but I have at present, a strong team at Menara Sarawak Energy of 30 over of our best people to oversee and restore the system step-by-step, and we have mobilized hundreds of our staff around Sarawak at power stations and substations to support and monitor the recovery of our system.
I personally want to send a strong message on behalf of Sarawak Energy that we are truly sorry for all the inconvenience and losses this incident have created and I can assure you we will not rest until we have good control on the system. We will also ensure a proper investigation is done with third party input to maximize the learning SEB can get from this very serious incident."

 "Good control over the system?" It's happened before, you know, just a few hours after the Bakun dam started operations. That was in 2010.  Plenty of time to have "good control over the system",  you think?

"I have been following the situation closely and this message is written with all the knowledge we have at present moment.
In closing, I sincerely apologize for those who have suffered from the black out and I can assure you we will do our best to normalize the situation by Friday (28 June) morning."

I just lost an eletronic equipment due to this. And several people have overloaded computers and equipment due to that on and off again 3 second power surge. Yeah, an Apology will compensate that one right? Which country does the currency Apology belong to? What's the value of an Apology? RM200?

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