Sunday, 23 June 2013

Recent Shootings Inspire Copycat Shootings?

It seems that Mirians have no originality. One does something and the other just copies. Like the suicides a few years ago. And now this.

Apparently in Taman Tunku people have started to randomly shoot things. With marbles, of all things. A sundry shop gets shot, with the 'bullet' penetrating the glass window (see pic). No one was nearby.

However, according to that shopkeeper, at a nearby market, a similar incident happened "a few days ago" and a female trader was hit by said "bullet". Yet another two incidents of the recent "shooting" was at a coffee shop where a patron was "shot at" and bent over in pain, and a customer buying some pork was shot at as well. (Why wasn't I aware of these "shootings"??)

This should be huge news by now and nobody I know was talking about it, like the murder attempt at Center Point, where everyone knows about it almost immediately).

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