Friday, 28 June 2013

Power Disruption Tomorrow Sunday 9am - 5pm?

Circulating around Facebook is a picture of a notice that had been issued by Sarawak Energy that Bintulu will have power disruptions from 9am till 5pm and in that timeframe they will rename the company to Sarawak Non-Energy.

While the notice is for Bintulu only, it might affect Miri as well, since, you know, we just rely on The One Link to power everything.

But who knows. We'll see. So if tomorrow you have big plans that involve Electricity, then you'd better store them up in many, many PowerBanks for your iPads and phones and whatever electrical devices you need it for.

Oh, and you'll need to eat everything in your fridge before then as well to prevent food from spoiling. Or use even more PowerBanks to keep the fridge running.

No need candles, as because it'd be a daytime outage. But stock some, in case they screw up right into dusk and cause a zombie outbreak of some sort. We listed some tips on how to prevent Fire from escaping candles and burning everything into the ground here.

Don't think you're off the hook, Ultraman, we still blame you. Because we're awesome at blaming everyone else.

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