Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Murder Attempt Gun Shooting in Miri

The third shooting in 2 years, a local businessman was targeted for murder in broad daylight at 3pm in Centre Point Commercial Center.

Fortuately for him, the assassin sucks, so he escaped unharmed. As they always say, "What doesn't kill you... is a lousy assassin."

The first shooting happened last year with the target killed, and the second shooting happened earlier this year, with the target injured in the head. This particular incident unfolded when the victim was about to enter his car after a meal at a nearby restaurant when a man emerged from the front passenger side of a "dark-coloured 4×4" vehicle and fired a shot at him.

Police later found several bullet holes at the crime scene. Yeah of course, they have, when considering that shots have been fired. What did we expect, rainbows flowing out where the shots went?

According to the police, the suspect’s identity has been confirmed, and they are taking action, but they would not comment further.

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