Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Yeah, it's not even dark outside and it's already called a blackout. At around 5.30 the whole of Sarawak has gone back into the stone age, with everyone scrambling to buy candles because everyone was too reliant on electricity for light. When it got dark, candle use is widespread. Happy birthday, everyone! Candles! Where's the cake? Oh sorry that melted when the fridge stopped working.

Apparently, this electrical outtage was state-wide. From Kuching all the way to Miri.

Intersections were jammed, because they don't use backup electricity, and also apparently some drivers blacked out as well.

It wasn't until late night at around 11pm we got current back.

The outtage is caused by a tripped circuit caused by overloading at the Kemena-Bintulu sub-station. Apparently, we totally rely on just the one link to keep the whole of Sarawak powered. No secondary backups, it's because we're so awesome. Who needs backups and contingency plans anyway..

Nice planning guys, good job everyone! *claps sarcastically*

Read more at the Borneo Post again:

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